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Advanced cybersecurity for work-from-home employees
Hybrid work is here to stay

Hybrid work is here to stay

76% of employees say they prefer working from home. As work-from-home has become our new reality, companies need to provide the latest technologies to keep their employees and sensitive company information accessed at home safe from cyberattacks.

Okyo Garde is a beautifully designed WiFi 6 router that delivers industry-leading cybersecurity to the home. It secures all connected devices on the employees’ home network - both work and personal, along with ultra-fast WiFi so employees can continue to work at the speed of business, securely.

One device, two secure networks


Okyo Garde empowers employees to enjoy this new flexibility while allowing the employer to smartly secure the home office.

Employees can create two separate WiFi networks at home with Okyo Garde — work and personal, ensuring peace of mind that the entire home is secure against cyberthreats.

Corporate WiFi at home

Keeps work devices separate from personal devices ensuring security of company information.

Allows IT teams to easily manage and secure company-issued devices used at home for work.

Personal WiFi at home

Employees can create a personal WiFi network with Okyo Garde to secure personal devices and family members.

Provides great WiFi connectivity with option to add mesh nodes for even better coverage for large homes.

Getting started with Okyo Garde is simple.

See this step-by-step video for more details.

4 simple steps to get started


the Okyo Garde mobile app from the App Store or Google Play. Once installed, the employee will sign in with their company email and password.


Okyo Garde to the home internet modem.


the QR code on the bottom of the Okyo Garde router and select the right configuration option.


a personal network to secure personal devices. This network is private and can’t be seen by the employer.

Okyo Garde. Powerful protection.

Simply accessible.

Employees can secure personal devices at home with a simple mobile app. It’s packed with advanced protections, family controls and content filtering capabilities.

phone-mockupAutomatic Protection

Automatic protection

Stop malware, viruses, ransomware, and phishing — automatically, out of the box.

Palo Alto Networks has designed Okyo Garde Enterprise Edition with privacy as a core principle. Employees can expect us to safeguard and responsibly handle data.

With Okyo Garde, the corporate and personal WiFi networks are designed to be completely separate. Only employees can operate and control the private, personal network through the Okyo Garde mobile app.

Corporate WiFi Network

The employer only has visibility into the corporate WiFi network and connected work devices. Personal or home IoT devices cannot connect, even by accident.

Employer manages

People and devices that are connected to the corporate network

Security policy for devices and users on the corporate network

Usage and activity on the corporate network

Access to work application and data

Personal WiFi Network

Only the employee can see, operate and control the private, personal network through the Okyo Garde mobile app.

Employer cannot see or manage

Network name and password

People using the network

Personal devices that are connected

Any network activity and traffic

Access for users and devices

Parental control rules


Chat live with Okyo support team within the Okyo Garde mobile app

Search FAQs within the mobile app. More support articles available at

Email any questions or issues to:

Standard Support

M-F, 7AM - 6PM PT:


Enterprise Employee Support 



Concierge Support (optional)

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Okyo Garde is a subscription service that auto-renews. The subscription includes the Okyo Garde mesh-enabled router, which requires an active subscription to function. Please see our Return & Refund policy for cancellation details.
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