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Individuals and Small Businesses

Individuals and Small Businesses


$349 / year

Supports and protects up to 30 devices

Individuals and Small Businesses


$399 / year

Supports and protects up to 100 devices

Individuals and Small Businesses


$449 / year

Supports and protects unlimited devices

All Okyo Garde subscriptions include a top-of-the-line mesh-enabled WiFi router at no additional cost.

What's included

Support for multiple devices

See hardware technical specs v


Securing your home or small business network is simple.

1. Pick the subscription tier that fits your needs.

All Okyo Garde subscriptions are billed annually but now through Affirm you can opt for monthly payments instead.

2. Choose your add-ons.

Optionally, get extra nodes to extend your network or Okyo Concierge,1 our premium support service.

3. Install and get secured.

Installation is designed to be super simple – no technical skills needed.

Hardware Technical Specs

Large memory configuration for security & performance


1 Certain Okyo Concierge services (onsite installation and troubleshooting) are provided by an independent company that is not employed or subcontracted by Palo Alto Networks, Inc. Please see our Okyo Help Center for more information.

2 WiFi coverage may vary based on the location, size of home or business, and surrounding conditions.

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Okyo Garde is a subscription service that auto-renews. The subscription includes the Okyo Garde mesh-enabled router, which requires an active subscription to function. Please see our Return & Refund policy for cancellation details.
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