Okyo Garde Enterprise Edition: Now Available

Working from home is the new normal, but home networks can be a critical weak link in enterprise security. It’s time to proactively secure work-from-home employees as part of your Zero Trust security strategy. Meet Okyo™ Garde Enterprise Edition.

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How Okyo Garde Works

Meet Okyo Garde, a cybersecurity offering for homes and small businesses.

GoDaddy Breach Raises Customer Concerns

The GoDaddy security breach of their WordPress Managed Hosting service exposed up to 1.2 million customers, including their email addresses. This could lead to malware and phishing attempts by the cybercriminals so customers need to take precautions.

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Why Every Small Business Needs Enterprise-Grade Security

Consumers and small businesses need and deserve enterprise-grade cybersecurity that’s designed specifically to meet their needs. Okyo Garde, by Palo Alto Networks, now provides this level of protection with simple setup, control, and visibility.

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Every Small Business Needs to Guard Against IoT Security Threats

The number of connected devices on your network has grown at a significant pace due to the advent of IoT devices. Unfortunately, device security solutions can’t protect IoT devices with endpoint security. You need network-wide protection instead.

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Keeping Your Kids Safe on the Internet

Parents can follow precautions to keep their children safe online. Okyo Garde provides parental control features to make it easy for a parent to limit internet activity and restrict the type of content children can view online.

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Okyo Garde Starts Shipping Today

Okyo Garde, a cybersecurity offering for homes and small businesses from Palo Alto Networks, started shipping today. Get powerful cybersecurity through integration with a premium mesh-enabled Wi-Fi 6 system for superior Wi-Fi speed and coverage.

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Okyo Garde is a subscription service that auto-renews. The subscription includes the Okyo Garde mesh-enabled router, which requires an active subscription to function. Please see our Return & Refund policy for cancellation details.
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